December 1. 2019 


dancesport championships


Adjudicators and Officials

Viktoriya Drubetskaya

Adjudicator, New York

  • WDSF and US National A+ B+ C+ D+ E- Adjudicator.

  • WSDF and DIVIDA certified examinator.

  • UK Open Professional Rising Star Finalist.

  • USA and World Mambo Champion.

  • USA Professional Rising Star Champion.

  • USA Amateur Latin Finalist

  • Junior 10-Dance National Finalist in Moldova.

  • Studied human body movement in depth in Laban Institute of Movement Studies and Dance Notation via Language of Dance and Kestenberg Movement Profile.

  • Certified as Eric Franklin Level 3 movement educator.

Mariam Izmailova

Adjudicator, Massacusetts

  • 2015 La Classique Du Quebec Open Professional Ballroom Finalists

  • 2014 Finalists in the WDC Open World Professional Rising Star Championship

  • 2014 Asian Tour Professional Rising Star Champion

  • 2013 World Professional Ballroom Semi-Finalist

  • 2013 United Kingdom Professional Rising Star Ballroom Finalist

  • 2012 Miami Open Professional Ballroom Finalist

  • 2012-2014 Canadian Open Professional Ballroom Finalist

  • 2011 Star Feature In The Film “Serena’s Song”

  • 2011 Ohio Star Ball Professional Rising Star Champion

  • 2011 International Grand Ball Professional Rising Star Ballroom Champion

  • 2011-2013 World Masters Professional Ballroom Finalist

  • 2011 London Open “Universal” Amateur Ballroom 3rd Place

  • 2009-2011 3x Undefeated US Amateur Ballroom Champion

  • 2009 International Grand Ball Amateur Standard Champion

  • 2009 Southeastern US Amateur Standard Champion

  • 2009 Eastern US Amateur Standard Champion

  • 2008 WDSF Adult Ballroom World Cup Semi-Finalist

  • 2008 & 2010 Manhattan Amateur Classic Adult Ballroom Champion

Vladimir Karpov

Adjudicator, New York

  • USA Dance A+ B+ C+ D+ adjudicator

  • WDSF World Latin American Freestyle Champion 

  • Two times WDSF World Cup Amateur Latin Champion 

  • European Cup Amateur Latin Champion 

  • World Dance Sport Games (Latin American Freestyle) Champion 

  • European Championship Amateur Latin Finalist 

  • Russian National Champion in the Latin American Freestyle 

  • Multiple times Winner of the Russian National Championship 

  • Russian National Champion in the Professional Division Latin 

  • Runner Up at the World Championship Professional Division Latin

Sergey Kim

Adjudicator, New York

Slavik Legkovenko

Adjudicator, New Jersey

Professional Ballroom Dancer, Certified Teacher, 
WDC World Dance Adjudicator


Slavik is a World Class Adjudicator from Ukraine. 

He is the former owner of one of the top dance studios in the Ukraine, Dance-Style and has 30 years of teaching experience. During his teaching career his juvenile, junior and youth couples won countless Nationals and International Championships, including Ukrainian Nationals, Blackpool Dance Festival, The International Championships, World Championship (France) and other top World competitions.

Patti Panebianco

Adjudicator, New York

  • L.I.S.T.D, M.U.S.T.A, Lifetime member of Dance Educators of America 

  • WDSF "A" and USA Dance Adjudicator & Invigilator
  • Director of NY Dancesport Centre

  • Founding Director: Roll Call Wheelchair Dance LI

  • Certified Roll Call Wheelchair Dance Teacher

  • Treasurer & Board member of Ballroom Barks

Jaroslaw Radzimierski

Adjudicator, New Jersey

  • Certified dance instructor and adjudicator through DVIDA

  • Professional Rising Star Standard competitor who has placed in the finals of many major U.S. competitions such as:

    • United States DanceSport Championships

    • Manhattan DanceSport Championships

    • Empire Dance Championship

    • American Star Ball Championships

    • NJ State Open DanceSport Championships

  • Founder and co-owner of "Viva Ballroom Dance Fitness"

  • Masters Degree in Diplomacy and Political Affairs from the University of International Studies

Elena Shvaitser

Adjudicator, Canada

Slavatore Todaro

Adjudicator, Italy

  • Fully licensed WDSF Adjudicator

  • WDSF World Cup winner

  • 11 times Bulgarian National Champion

  • 2 times World Games finalist   

  • WDSF World Adult Standard finalist

  • International of London finalist

  • UK Rising Star champion

  • Blackpool Open Rising Star vice-champion

  • German Open Rising Star vice-champion

  • Owner of TODARO dance Academy in Sicily

Ruslan Wilder

Adjudicator, New York

  • WDSF and USA Dance National A+ B+ C+ D+ Adjudicator

  • 2012 U.S. Representatives to the World in the Professional International Standard (Ballroom) Championships

  • Multiple time U.S. Representatives to the World in the Professional 10 Dance Championships

  • Multiple time World Professional 10 Dance Championship Finalists

  • U.S. and U.S. Open Professional Rising Star Standard Finalists

  • Owner of The Wilder Dance Factory Studio

  • Owner of Championship Dance Camps

  • Organizer of Independence Day Ball Dance Camp 

Andrea Zaramella

Adjudicator, North Carolina

Andrea Zaramella started dancing at the age of 9 in a small city on the
Southeast coast of Italy called Brindisi.  He started traveling and competing
all over the world from the age of 14.  In his 27 year career in ballroom dance,
several of his accomplishments include being the 

  • 2-Time World Under 21 Ballroom Champion,

  • 5-Time undefeated Italian Ballroom Champion,

  • UK RS Professional Ballroom Champion and a finalist and

  • Runner-up in the Blackpool Dance Festival.  

  • He also performed in several TV shows, and was a part of Dancing with the Stars in Italy. 

  • WDC international adjudicator for Italy as well as an ISTD certified judge in the US.

Now based out of Charlotte, NC he currently teaches, coaches and
choreographs for top performing competitive students, amateur and
professional couples, and produces and manages shows and dance
competitions in the US and Europe.  Some of these include The Excellence
Charlotte Dance Festival, The Italian Pearl, The Palm Beach Classic, and
Dance Legends Charlotte.  Andrea is also the founder of Tomorrow’s
Champions Foundation, which is a charitable project that provides ballroom
dance education and lessons for children and youth with disabilities with the
goal of improving their future and creating an impact in their lives.

Ricky Semlitz

Master of Ceremonies

Chris Sayotovich


Peter Collins

Music Director

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